23 Oct 2014 - IoT: New OEM platform released

Internet of Things promises to be one of the digital era's most influential trends that will make many companies winners or losers depending on their ability to adapt. Embsec have recently launched an OEM platform for IP conversion aimed particularly to manufacturers of sensors and related equipment in the security industry.

The OEM platform has been used to IP convert the sound- and light barriers Inferno from Indusec. These have attracted much attention due to their effective ways to instantly paralyze and intruder, which reduces the ability of an intruder to act before guards are in place. With IP conversion, the Inferno units are powered through Power over Ethernet and are triggered by web requests.

- Together with Embsec we created a functional description and decided where the circuit board should be installed. Just over a month later we got a tailor-made circuit board ready to be installed in the unit. During the same time, Embsec had adapted a complete web interface in accordance with our graphic identity, says Johan Sandberg, CEO of Indusec AB.

The development time is shortened as the solutions are based on the I/O-module IPA. It features Power over Ethernet, a 12/24V power outlet and digital and analog inputs and outputs. The unit is controlled with a web interface and supports communication with all leading VMS systems.

- With our OEM platform the time to market is hard to match even for the largest companies. The manufacturer can focus their product development on its core business and still obtain a fully integrated IP solution faster and cheaper than if they had done it themselves, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec AB.

Embsec provides products and solutions to create event-driven camera systems that are fully IP based. The new OEM platform for IP conversion is directed to manufacturers of sensors and related equipment in the security industry. The OEM projects includes adaptation of everything from color schemes and logotypes to fully customized electronics, software and mechanics.

- The rapid transition from analog cameras to IP cameras was the first step. Now it's time for the next challenge for the security industry. Internet of Things is high on the agenda and as the industry learns the IP technology and its benefits the interest to integrate all security components in the IP system is increasing, says Erik Lindstein.


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