Customised solutions

Our capabilities

Laser based surveillance, measurement and advanced camera systems is the core of Embsecs work. With 10 years of experience and close relations with local partners we are confident we can help you with the optimal solution for surveillance or measurement integration.

We do everything from simple adaptations of our existing products to fully customised systems for demanding applications. The base is usually the sensors from Embsecs products, but also cameras, ultrasonic sensors and other measurement units could be of use.

Here are some examples of recent projects.


Collision warning system

The vFence s-500 laser scanner creates a high detailed 2D profile of the scan plane. Combined with a PLC and warning lights, this is a powerful system for collision warning that early alerts oncoming boats. In case of alarm the data log is activated and all measurement are saved while the alarm is active. This can be used to investigate the boat movements if an incident should happen.


Laser scanner for industrial use

A customer needed a system for fast and accurate detection of debris in a large scale industrial machine to minimize down time. The large machine has a very narrow opening for inspection, which suits the laser scanner well. Inspections have previously been handled manually by operators, which is both time consuming and inaccurate.

To automate the process a customized sensor was needed. Embsec developed a system with a range of 150 meters and three degrees of freedom - an elevator and a two-axis laser scanner. Large temperature variations in the machine results in thermal expansion which the system handles with a sophisticated automatic calibration routine.


Dam leakage monitoring

Leakage in earth-filled dams is inevitable, but it is interesting to monitor magnitude of the leakage for early warnings if the leakage increases. Leaked water is collected in a drainage system and passes through a v-notch weir. Water level and turbidity is measured at each v-notch weir. With an ultrasonic sensor, a waterproof camera, illumination and custom CPU unit with hard- and software to collect the data, all measurement and images can be monitored from one unit and is easy accessible with a ethernet connection.

Schematic and PCB/PWB

Having designed a large number of printed circuit boards you can expect us to deliver well designed boards.

We take great care to deliver reliable designs with well thought through signal integrity and manufacturability.

Close relations with board houses ensure cost effective end products and great quality.


Software development

During the years we haven been writing software for almost everything we could get our hands on. This means we have built up competence in a vast range of platforms and languages.


PLC systems

We have extensive experience in the design of PLC systems ranging from simple data acquisition systems to complex motor control systems.


Embedded systems

We take care to understand your specific problem and strive to find an optimal solution whether it requires a high performance DSP/FPGA board, a multimedia platform or a simple i/o control task.

We can provide you with off the shelf systems or a solution tailored to your specific needs.


Web systems

We believe that in the future everything, from a toaster to your pet dog will be online; connected to the Internet and controlled from a web browser. That is why we always end up using web interfaces for applications that require a user interface, today this is true even for simple low cost embedded systems!


Digital design

Do you need a VHDL component to be written, implement a digital filter or need competence in system architecture; just ask us, we can probably help you!


Mechanical CAD

A computer model of your components is almost necessary today. We can help with CAD modeling, CAM processing for manufacuring as well as 3D rendering for presentations.


Finite Element Analysis

It's difficult to do strain and deformation calculations on complex geometry. With FEA this can be done easier and more precise. We can help you dimension critical components.


Manufacturing drawings

We can help you producing drawings as well as aiding the communication with workshops.

We create drawings for waterjet/laser and autocad compatible drawings (dxf and dwg) or provide 3D models for model makers and workshops.


Prototype manufacturing

We have an in-house CNC equipped workshop for prototype manufacturing.

We will help you go from idea to prototype or small series in record time!


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