Embsec Visualiser

Embsec Visualiser is a visualization software used to improve the operators experience and efficiency when using VMS systems. Embsec Visualiser lowers the time to act for operators and minimizes the risk of misunderstandings in stressful situations.

Based on a high resolution aerial photo or map it displays exact positions of cameras and alarm sensors in the area. The Visualiser monitors pan- tilt- and zoom values for all cameras to create an active overview that shows current field of views for all cameras.

At the event of an alarm, connected alarm units and I/O units points out the exact alarm location, which is shown as a flashing point or zone on the overview image.

Configuration of Embsec Visualiser is made quick and easy through the powerful web interface.


Technical specifications

Field of application Visualize alarm positions, PTZ cameras field of view, camera positions, alarm sensor positions, security area layout.
Record alarm positions and PTZ cameras field of view.
Compatible PTZ cameras* Axis
Compatible alarm sensors* Embsec vFence F-501
Embsec vFence F-501 ATEX
Embsec vFence S-500
Compatible I/O units* Embsec IPA
Generic camera objects Unlimited
Generic alarm input HTTP requests
Interface Web browser user interface
Video stream MJPG: 1280x720 px (720p)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
* Missing your product? The number of compatible products are constantly growing and we are happy to add more. Don't hesitate to ask for your products to be integrated in Embsec Visualiser.


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