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Embsec vFence F-501 is a highly effective perimeter control unit. With its high accuracy and range of 500 meters it detects objects in the most demanding environments. Based on advanced laser sensor technologies the unit works without reflectors, detecting static and moving objects, regardless of lighting conditions.

Alarm zones are easily and freely set up by the user, enabling the sensor to perform a wide range of surveillance tasks where extraordinary reliability and minimal false alarm rates are required.


System design

Embsec vFence F-501 can be used as a stand alone unit connected to a computer or as part of a system with multiple IP surveillance sensors connected to a server. Depending on server software, the vFence F-501 solves many surveillance tasks, for example storing images when the sensor sets of an alarm, automatically displaying video image from nearest camera or to notify security personnel with SMS.




• Up to 500 meter range, no reflector required
• Virtual fence able to trigger alarms and cameras
• Fully adaptable alarm zones to meet any situation
• Near zero false alarm rate
• Heavy duty water proof design
• Intuitive and powerful web based user interface
• IP alarms and relay output
• Power over ethernet


Supported VMS Software

Alarm with HTTP requests makes the vFence F-501 compatible with all leading VMS software.  The following software products have been tested to ensure good functionality.

• Bosch VMS
• Griffid GMS & GMC
• Kentima Ethiris
• Milestone XProtect
• Mirasys Carbon VMS
• SeeTec Enterprise & Probox

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Perimeter control

Embsec vFence technology makes it possible to monitor and locate intrusions for applications where physical fences not are desirable, possible or where enhanced security is required. The laser sensors works without reflectors and reacts in fractions of a second.


Gate monitoring

Monitor all passages through gates, entrances or specific parts of a road - even with the vFence sensor placed several hundred meters away. Create alarm zones freely to make sure the system only set of the alarm when an object is detected at the desired location.


Vehicle monitoring

vFence F-501 is easily set up to detect if a vehicle is moved. Even if the system is placed several hundred meters away from the vehicle, the sensor instantly alarms when a movement of the current vehicle occurs while all other objects in the area are ignored.


Boat detection

Detect all boats entering or leaving the harbour and reduce the risk of boat and engine thefts, regardless of light conditions and weather. Embsec vFence products are designed to cope with harsh marine environments. Since the sensor works without reflectors it is possible to create virtual fences over open water.



vFence F-501 can be mounted on a tripod and moved as needed, to ensure fast and accurate operation in exposed locations. Surveillance can be done remotely and no camera permissions are required.


Stake-out operations

vFence F-501 makes it possible to create a detailed log of visitors entering or leaving a building or to send alarms at any activity, fully automatic and at a distance up to 500 meters. No camera permission is needed since the sensor utilize eye-safe laser technology.


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