qVision - Docking Aid System

Based on the proven Embsec laser sensors, the qVision docking aid system facilitates mooring by controlling lights and display boards. The system automatically starts recording of video and measurement data if the vessel is approaching the jetty too fast or in a bad angle, allowing easy follow-up if the jetty or fenders have been damaged. Embsec qVision is an IP based system, built for easy integration with the harbour network and allowing access on any computer, or integration with existing surveillance cameras without any special software.

The qVision docking aid system uses two laser sensors to continuously measure and calculate distance, speed and angle to approaching vessel. At distances up to 500 meters, the sensors monitors the vessel movement and activates alarms if a threshold is exceeded. Alarms can be fully configured to have different speed and angle limits depending on distance between jetty and vessel. Measurement data are shown on a display and warning lights are used for early alerts to the vessel operator.

Technical specifications

System components

Measuring range
Distance resolution
Speed accuracy

Laser class
Operating temperature

Alarm triggers
Alarm actions
Laser sensors*, server unit, warning lights, camera, display board**

0 - 500 m
+ / - 1 dm
+ / - 1 cm/s

Class 2 laser product, eye-safe
- 30°C to + 60°C
Web based user interface

Distance, speed or angle
Warning lights, alarm log and automatic video recording
* 1 or 2 units depending on application     **optional

Safety in every aspect

Control the situation

With up to 500 meter high accuracy range, the sensors are capable of early detection if the vessel is approaching the jetty too fast or in a bad angle. The sensors can be used in a pair for sideway mooring where angular measurement is required, or single, for applications where the vessel is approaching straight towards the jetty.


Fully adaptable alarms

Create alarm zones based on distance from the jetty and configure individual alarms for each zone based on speed and angular limits. Sophisticated algorithms and sensor filters are used to avoid false alarms and suppress challenging weather conditions.


Reliable recordings

In case of a hard impact between the vessel and jetty, the measurement data can easily be analysed together with recorded videos. Recording starts automatic when the alarm starts.


IP based system

TCP/IP communication and Power over Ethernet ensures easy integration and quick installation. All settings are made with a intuitive and powerful web interface, no special software is needed. Live data of distance, speed and angle to the vessel is shown for the operator.



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