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Embsec IPA is a network based I/O device that connects to your surveillance system. The Embsec IPA allows you to monitor and control alarm sensors, sirens, gates and lights, and integrate connected units to your VMS system or to allow direct control of network cameras.


System design

The IPA is used as an I/O converter between the surveillance network and all types of sensors or other surveillance devices. Four alarm inputs, three relay outputs and an analog input means the IPA truly can handle all types of equipment. Connected devices can be powered through the 12V output on the IPA. Technologies such as power over ethernet and network alarms enable cost effective installations just as easy as any modern IP camera, requiring only a single ethernet cable. Additionally, its web based user interface is an intuitive way of configuring network alarms for integration with VMS software or direct control of cameras.




• Convert input signals to IP alarms
• Integrate alarms with VMS or control cameras directly
• 12V output allows for power supply of external units
• Network controlled relay outputs
• Heavy duty water proof design
• Intuitive and powerful web based user interface
• Power over ethernet


Supported VMS Software

Alarm with HTTP requests makes the IPA compatible with all leading VMS software.  The following software products have been tested to ensure good functionality.

• Bosch VMS
• Griffid GMS & GMC
• Kentima Ethiris
• Milestone XProtect
• Mirasys Carbon VMS
• SeeTec Enterprise & Probox

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Integrate alarm sensors

Embsec IPA is a simple but powerful I/O controller which quickly converts any type of alarm sensor to an IP sensor. The IPA has a 12V socket to power the sensor and four digital alarm inputs. Each input can be used to create network alarms directly to VMS, IP cameras or other network devices.

Let your line detectors, IR sensors, micro wave barriers, fence alarms or burried sensors be truly integrated parts in your video surveillance system. With the unit connected to an IPA, installation and integration is just as easy as with IP cameras.


Control equipment

Allow sirens, warning lights and lighting to be controlled over the network, either from your VMS system, from other devices or from sensors connected to the IPA. Three relay outputs offer the option of controlling multiple devices or to control devices with separate on and off signals.

With the 12V socket, devices with low power consumption, such as sirens and warning lights, can be powered directly by the IPA.


Add measurement devices

Find new possibilities in the borderland between measurement and surveillance. The analog input lets you connect most types of measurement sensors, from which network alarms then easily are created based on thresholds and time parameters. Let for example a level sensor activate camera recording or present a measurement value as text overlay directly in the camera.

The IPA can be used to create simple IP measurement solutions with only a sensor connected to the IPA and a camera, but it can as well be used in large-scale industrial applications where critical parts of the process have monitoring cameras connected to a VMS.


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