Laser sensor

Eye safe invisible IR laser pulses are emitted from the sensor at 400 Hz. If an object appears in the line of sight it will cause reflections which the sensor detects. The sensor analyze the reflected light to calculate distance to the object with high accuracy. Since the sensor not only detects a passage, but also know the exact location, opens up for many interesting possibilities. For example, the sensor can be set to only react on cars in one lane, to alarm only if an object has stopped or if a door opens, while all other activities are ignored. As the sensor uses laser technology it can be used anywhere without camera permission.


IP Surveillance

Network based surveillance systems with IP cameras steadily increases in popularity as it allows for better image quality, remote setup and easy integration in existing networks. Moreover, it allows remote monitoring centres to take care of the surveillance.

Modern surveillance systems also requires modern sensors. Embsec produces unique laser sensors with network connection for direct integration with IP cameras and other equipment. In case of alarm the sensor sends a network call to the monitoring centre, where a live image from nearest camera quickly is shown and security personnel may be directed to the location. Unlike relay based sensors Embsecs IP sensors allows to send many different alarm messages depending on event, without need for extra cable installation.


Web based software

Embsec's user interfaces are web based. This means there are no limits in hardware or software for using the systems, all that is needed is a modern web browser. Running a program in a web browser doesn’t limit the performance – the software is easy to understand, fast to work with and have a wide variety of powerful tools to help you set up the system. We prefer working with web based software since it is easy to use, already prepared for online access, work on all platforms and doesn't need to be installed.



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