17 Oct 2013 - Visit Embsec at Sectech

Sectech expo is an exhibition focused entirely on security technologies that takes place 22 - 23 October at Rica Talk Hotel in Stockholm.

In the Embsec booth, you’ll get the chance to explore how you can benefit from IP surveillance solutions offered by Embsec. We will demonstrate the new I/O device IPA and the laser sensor vFence F-501. The vFence F-501 is nominated to Detektor International Award which will take place on the evening after the first exhibition day.

We hope to see you at stand 04:89.

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17 Oct 2013 - IP convert anything with IPA

A toaster is hardly a common feature in an IP based surveillance system. A fully integrated network toaster is however what visitors will see when Embsec launches its new I/O controller IPA at Sectech in Stockholm, 22- 23 October.

- It started mainly as a fun thing, at Embsec we have always joked that "in the future, even your toaster will be connected to the Internet". When we started to think about how we could  demonstrate our new product, IPA, we realized that the internet-connected toaster might not be a bad idea after all. Exactly what the toaster will be used for is however something we will keep secret until the exhibition, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

Embsec IPA is a network based I/O device that allows to monitor and control alarm sensors, sirens, gates and lights, and integrate connected units to a VMS system or to allow direct control of network cameras. The IPA is powered from power over ethernet and all settings are made through a web interface. Four alarm inputs, three relay outputs and an analog input means the IPA truly can handle all types of equipment.

- While network alarms and power over ethernet are standard on IP cameras, most surveillance equipment use relay outputs and 12V power. That is why we created the IPA. We want all surveillance equipment to be as easy as IP cameras to install and integrate, says Erik Lindstein.

Although the company showcases the IPA with a toaster, it's not the kitchen equipment Embsec sets sights on.

- We believe that there is a large market for a simple way to IP-convert existing and future security systems. Today a clear majority of the alarm sensors completely lacks the ability to send network alarms, while at the same time IP cameras and VMS systems are standard. In these systems the IPA is a competitive alternative to fully exploit the opportunities offered by IP systems, says Erik Lindstein.

05 Jul 2013 - Embsec IP converts Inferno

The powerful sound and light barriers Inferno from Indusec are now available in IP version for seamless integration in network based surveillance systems. Embsec, who has many years of experience in IP based surveillance products, has developed the electronics and software that makes it possible.

- Indusec and Embsec began to discuss the integration possibilities for a joint customer project and we soon realized that a fully IP based system would have strong competitive advantages, particularly in terms of management and control of the devices, but also to facilitate the installation process, says Johan Sandberg, MD of Indusec.

The sound and light barriers Inferno from Indusec have attracted much attention due to its effective way to instantly paralyze and intruder, which reduces the ability of the intruder to act before the guards arrive. With technology from Embsec IP based laser sensors, Inferno devices can now be powered using Power over Ethernet and trigged by network requests.

- We were early to introduce IP technology in surveillance products outside the camera sphere and have over the years built up an extensive knowledge in IP technology and integration with other IP based systems. To also being able to help our partners in the shift to IP systems feels like a natural step forward, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

26 Apr 2013 - Sensors for rail track safety

Embsec have completed a study to investigate the possibility of using the laser based sensors vFence F-501 and vFence S-500 for rail track safety. The results indicate good potential of rapid and reliable detection with a chance to save up to 75% of suicides and accidents.

- We have for a long time had the ambition to present a powerful alternative to the current systems for rail track safety. The laser technology we use in our sensors is ideal for this application because of the high accuracy and the defined field of view, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

In a new document, the company presents two methods for rail track safety in platform areas. One solution uses fixed laser sensors along the platform edge and the other solution uses a scanning sensor that scans the area beneath the platform. In both cases the sensors are integrated with IP technology directly to the overlying VMS system. This allows for automatic control of cameras, recording and alarm messages to operators.

- Research has shown that about 75% of suicide victims have remained on the track area for a period prior to the collision. For true accidents, this number is likely even higher. The hypothesis that it is impossible to prevent suicides because they jump out right in front of the train is therefore incorrect. What is important is to discover the people while there are still a chance to stop the trains, says Erik Lindstein.

Read more about this application in our Whitepaper: [Rail Track Safety]



28 Feb 2013 - Try vFence at Sectech

Sectech expo is an exhibition focused entirely on security technologies that takes place 12th - 13th March at Oslo Congress center in Norway.

Embsec partner Last Mile Communication will have much attention on Embsec laser sensors vFence F-501 and vFence S-500 at the exhibition. In the stand, you’ll get the chance to explore how the IP surveillance sensors can improve performance of your surveillance system. Visit Last Mile Communications at stand C:10.

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