18 oct 2011 - News article about vFence F-501

Security World Hotel shows interest in our latest laser sensor, the vFence F-501.

Read the article in Swedish on securityworldhotel.com

29 sep 2011 - Visit Embsec at Sectech

Sectech expo is an exhibition focused entirely on security technologies that takes place 18- 19 october at Rica Talk Hotel in Stockholm.

In the Embsec booth, you’ll get the chance to explore how you can benefit from IP surveillance solutions offered by Embsec. We will demonstrate the new laser sensor vFence F-501 and the laser radar vFence S-500.

Visit us at stand 02:13, next to Axis.

Pre register for free entrance here!

16 sep 2011 - Key order for industrial measuring

After the successful delivery of a custom laser scanner for an industrial machines earlier this year, Embsec have received a key order for additional systems. The order includes five sensor units, a server and a fully customised software for integration with the customers current system. Each sensor includes a two-axis laser scanner and a machine vision system. The sensors are used for continuous monitoring of the machine and fast detection of debris at the event of a machine failiure.

Embsec will also design a new housing in order to encapsulate all additional equipments, effectively removing all unnecessary cables to the moving sensors.

01 sep 2011 - vFence F-501 release

After the success with the laser based perimeter detector vFence F-500, sold to US Department of Homeland Security, Embsec now releases vFence F-501, an IP surveillance sensor with power over ethernet, network alarms and updated software. The accurate long range sensor is specifically designed for easy integration with IP camera systems.

Embsec vFence F-501 is an IP sensor using advanced laser sensor technology to detect humans and objects with high accuracy at distances up to 500 meters. The sensor have no need for reflectors, allowing fully adaptable alarm zones to meet any situation. vFence F-501 is an enormous step forward in surveillance of areas where conventional techniques are expensive or ineffective, for example over open water or where a combination of high precision, long distances and low false alarm rate are needed.

- The high precision obtained with our laser technique forces us to redraw the map of whats possible to achieve with surveillance products in this price range. Here we have a sensor that not only detects a passage, but can also tell with decimeter accuracy where the object is located - 400 times per second. Add to that advanced algorithms to avoid disturbances and false alarms and suddenly you begin to understand the extent of this, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

- Powerful settings is one of the best thing with the vFence F-501, but it has also been a great challenge for our developers. We believe it should be really easy for our customers to understand how to reach the maximum performance for their intended use. That is why we have put great effort in making our user interface intuitive and easy to use, says Erik Lindstein.

Read more about the new vFence F-501 [here].

20 Apr 2011 - Custom industrial laser scanner

Embsec has successfully delivered a custom laser scanner for a large scale industrial machine. Our customer needed a system for fast and accurate detection of debris in the machine to minimize down time. When a machine failure occurs, the machine has to be cleaned before the machine can start again. The large machine has multiple layers, each only 35mm high. All inspection have earlier been visually by operators, which is both time consuming and inaccurate.

To automate the process a customized sensor was needed. Embsec did a pre-study and tests with an adjustable laser scanner to verify the sensors ability to detect even small pieces in the machine. The result was above expectations and development of a prototype unit began. The system has a range of 150 meters and three degrees of freedom - an elevator and a two-axis laser scanner. High temperature in the machine will result in thermal expansion which the system handles with a sophisticated calibration routine. Factory acceptance tests was held in early April and installation a week later.


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