06 July 2012 - Product launch: qVision

Based on the proven Embsec laser sensors, the qVision docking aid system facilitates mooring by controlling lights and display boards. The system automatically starts recording of video and measurement data if the vessel is approaching the jetty too fast or in a bad angle, allowing easy follow-up if the jetty or fenders have been damaged. Measurement data are shown on a display and warning lights are used for early alerts to the vessel operator. The system has been developed in close cooperation with Port Suppliers Group.

Port Suppliers Group have 20 years of experience in fender and docking equipment. The qVision docking aid system has been developed in a close cooperation between the two companies, combining their knowledge with Embsec laser technology to produce a competitive solution with unique features.

With up to 500 meter high accuracy range, the sensors are capable of early detection if the vessel is approaching the jetty too fast or in a bad angle. The sensors can be used in a pair for sideway mooring where angular measurement is required, or single, for applications where the vessel is approaching straight towards the jetty. Create alarm zones based on distance from the jetty and configure individual alarms for each zone based on speed and angular limits. Sophisticated algorithms and sensor filters are used to avoid false alarms and suppress challenging weather conditions. In case of a hard impact between the vessel and jetty, the measurement data can easily be analysed together with recorded videos. Recording starts automatic when the alarm starts. TCP/IP communication and Power over Ethernet ensures easy integration and quick installation. All settings are made with a intuitive and powerful web interface, no special software is needed. Live data of distance, speed and angle to the vessel is shown for the operator.



11 May 2012 - Embsec at Ifsec

Embsec will be represented at Ifsec International expo in Birmingham, 14-17 May. We hope to meet many interesting customers and companies for future cooperation and partnership.

09 May 2012 - Nyx and Embsec in cooperation

The Swedish companies Nyx Security and Embsec cooperates to offer the market unique possibilities to monitor outdoor environments where conventional technologies are not optimal. With laser based sensors from Embsec and the Nyx Security camera monitoring center, an optimal solution has been achieved to protect marine areas and areas with large or difficult spaces.

Nyx Security is a quick-growing Swedish security firm which supplies innovative security solutions and manned camera monitoring center, based on in-house developed and world-leading intelligent video analysis of the course of events in real-time. Nyx Security has been very successful with their technically advanced camera monitoring services for both outdoor and indoor use.

Embsec's unique laser technology allows detection of people and objects with very high reliability, regardless of lighting conditions. Transmitter and receiver are in the same unit and no reflectors are needed. In combination with network connection and power over ethernet, this makes the vFence F-501 an obvious choice for integration with IP camera systems. Through network alarm, Nyx Security cameras are automatically directed to the location of the alarm. This means the camera operators immediately have access to video of the intrusion to quickly notify security personnel on site or the police.

- For areas where conventional technology often false alarms, or areas with surveillance cameras restrictions, the vFence F-501 makes it possible to detect intrusion and easy integrate the alarms with the camera surveillance system, says Erik Lindstein, CEO at Embsec.

- Embsec offers unique solutions that strengthens our offer for outdoor surveillance. When false alarms decreases, our customers can receive even more effective surveillance by us, says Andreas Johansson Österber, CEO at Nyx Security.

- We see Nyx Security as a very interesting partner since they are industry leaders in camera monitoring center solutions and have great experience in security solutions. Nyx Security showed early interest in our laser technology and together we offer a powerful surveillance service, says Erik Lindstein.


19 Mar 2012 - Nominated to the 33-list

Embsec have been nominated to the 33-list, an annual event where Sweden's most promising young technology companies are elected. The jury consists of editors from Ny Teknik, one of Sweden’s leading technology newspaper, and Affärsvärlden, a Swedish business magazine.

The companies should meet the following criteria

  • Develop a unique product or service on an innovation
  • Have a great international potential and the possibility of changing the rules in its industry
  • Based in Sweden
  • Maximum 7 years old
  • Not be publicly traded
06 Mar 2012 - Embsec and Tillväxtverket

Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) pays attention to Embsec in it's latest campaign. Embsec successfully carried out a product development project funded by Tillväxtverket with the aim of lowering development time. Tillväxtverket was impressed by Embsec and our products and wanted to use us as an example of how companies can gain by Tillväxtverket's services. 

Read the article in Swedish on Tillväxtverket.se


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