28 Feb 2013 - New partner: Last Mile

Embsec products are now available in Norway through Last Mile Communication, specialists in IP based surveillance and advanced communication solutions. Last Mile Communication provides standard and customized communication and security solutions in CCTV for all industrial environments on land and at sea. Common segments are maritime, water and sewage, transportation, power, oil and gas and other industries that place the highest demands on quality, stability and security. Last Mile Communications have long experience in IP cameras and thermal imaging and with the vFence F-501 and S-500 they now offer a unique complement to ensure high reliability detection solutions. 

12 Feb 2013 - Swedish king protected with laser

Stockholm stock exchange, Nasdaq OMX, recently celebrated its 150 year anniversary in Stockholm City Hall with honorable guests like the royal Couple, politicians and representatives of Sweden's largest companies. Security around the event was high and included a laser system for perimeter surveillance around the building.

- We got an inquiry about equipment that could be used to quickly set up a temporary perimeter alarm and realized that this was perfect for our laser sensor vFence F-501. 10 minutes is enough to configure and test the system, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

The laser sensor creates a virtual fence of up to 500 meter where zones with individual alarms can easily be adapted to match the surroundings. Around the City Hall the system was used to control both extra lighting and to send alarm via SMS to patrolling guard, with information about the precise location of intrusion.

- Thanks to the accurate positioning the dog patrol could quickly follow up the alarms, even if were in another place. The guards had a good support from the laser, while it in the same time increased the security in vulnerable areas, says Erik Lindstein.

- Luckily there were no sharp alarms and the guests could celebrate in peace and quiet inside the City Hall, says Erik Lindstein.


Nasdaq OMX 150 years celebration

28 Jan 2013 - Interview with Erik Lindstein

Security market researcher and advisor Memoori resently spoke to Embsec CEO Erik Lindstein about his vision for innovation in security and the opportunity for Small & Medium Size companies.


Where will the major innovations in the security industry come from in the next 5 years?

I personally think the innovations will come out of mainly existing technology from other markets combined with security systems to create more integrated end user solutions. Those systems will use many kinds of sensors to create solutions that not only protect areas and valuables but also rise comfort and save money in new ways for the end user. In short, I expect a merge between intelligent buildings and security solutions.


Why is the security industry resistant to change? Is this creating opportunities for SME's (Small & Medium Size Enterprises)?

This is just the way many industries works, when a couple of companies gets too big market share they usually stop being innovate and just play it safe. This definitely creates opportunities for SME´s to launch new smart innovative solutions.

In our research we've seen a shift in security services; moving from just a cost centre for businesses to actually driving operational savings and delivering real ROI. How will this impact on the industry and how far can this trend go?

This will have a major impact on the industry because the money spent on security systems will definitely rise as ROI is more substantial. Just see how the People Counting Systems in security cameras add value for marketing research. As far as how long this can go, I guess now that this new way of thinking is getting more and more common and as it’s driven by new technology continuously launched I don’t really see an end to it.


How do Embsec intend to disrupt the security market in 2013?

We put a lot of effort in 2012 to learn where our solutions are outstanding and cost effective. With this knowledge we can target both new and old applications. Our simplicity for the installer together with cutting edge technology will definitely put pressure on the market. I think we will change the way people think about security and how simple it can be for the user to deploy.


Read the full story and other companies visions at [Memoori].



10 Dec 2012 - Exhibitions around the globe

Embsec has recently attended two successful exhibitions - Transport Security Expo in London and Axis Partner Summit in Macau. We got the chance to present the latest version of the vFence F-501 to many interested visitors. Suppliers as well as end users took the opportunity to learn and discuss how to benefit from laser sensor technology and how to use the vFence products as a complement to camera systems or as a replacement for camera motion detection.

Embsec would like to thank all visitors and we hope that you enjoyed the exhibitions as much as we did.


Axis Partner Summit

03 Oct 2012 - Introducing Self Awareness

A newly developed adaptive algorithm with automatic weather detection and extended alarm possibilities are in focus when Embsec presents its new version of the acclaimed laser sensor vFence F-501. In challenging weather conditions, a weather alarm is sent to the VMS system while the sensor effectively filters out the weather noise and thus eliminates false alarms.

- A year ago we launched the laser sensor vFence F-501, an IP based detector for outdoor use with long range and high accuracy. The new version has a newly developed algorithm that both make the installation easier and allows for more reliable detection. Avoiding false alarms has been our main objective, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

vFence F-501 uses an adaptive algorithm which automatically adjusts the object detection sensitivity based on signal stability. This allows the sensor to maintain maximum detection while suppressing noise from fog and snow or other disturbances such as birds and falling leaves. The vFence F-501 evaluates the measurement signal in real time to determine the weather intensity at a scale from 0 to 10, allowing the user to easy create weather alarm actions. Weather alarms to VMS system can be activated when the weather intensity exceeds a threshold.

- Embsec's new self awareness functionality further improves on our detection capability and low false alarm rates in difficult weather conditions. Operators are notified when there is a risk for limited detection capability, a feature that we have not seen in any other products on the market, this makes vFence F-501 unique, says Erik Lindstein.

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vFence F-501 product folder
Whitepaper - Challenging light and weather conditions


vFence F-501

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