21 March 2014 - Introducing vFence ATEX

Based on the award-winning laser sensor vFence F-501, Embsec releases a long range laser perimeter sensor for hazardous areas. With a working range of 300 meters, up to 20 alarm zones, Power over Ethernet and network alarms, the vFence ATEX is a true game changer for IP surveillance systems in explosive environments.

- Three years ago we changed the way the market looked at alarm sensors when we released the vFence F-501. Introducing Power over Ethernet, a web interface and network alarms, Embsec showed that an alarm sensor can be as easy as an IP camera to integrate with any surveillance software in the market. Now we can offer the same technology to customers requiring ATEX certified products, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

vFence ATEX uses a pulsed infrared laser sensor to accurately detect and position objects. Depending on detection position the laser sends a zone specific network alarm to a VMS server or directly to cameras. The alarm is used to automatically start recording, direct cameras to the location of intrusion and to alert guards with detailed alarm information.

- We believe event-based security solutions, where the surveillance system captures and alerts when something really happens, is the best way to secure your property. Having lots of cameras on recording 24-7 doesn't stop an intruder, nor does it help much to look at a video of a masked person a day after the incident, says Erik Lindstein.

- With an instant alarm to the guards that includes live video and detailed positioning of the intrusion it is possible to take quick actions and actually prevent the situation from escalating, says Erik Lindstein.

Read more about vFence ATEX here.

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