23 Oct 2013 - Awarded "Best product 2013"

The laser sensor vFence F-501 from Embsec was awarded "Best product 2013" at Detektor International Award, an annual event with focus on the most innovative security products in the categories Alarm & Detection, Access control and CCTV.


"For providing a perfect combination of usability, simplicity and efficiency in one stunning package"


- We are thrilled that a jury with extensive experience in the security industry believes that vFence F-501 is so unique and innovative that it is the top product in its category, says Erik Lindstein, CEO of Embsec.

- The award is also a clear sign that the market is starting to open their eyes to our products and that the improvements we have made over the past year, particularly the improved weather filter and easier installation, has been well received, says Erik Lindstein.


Read about the event and the other winners at Detektor International.


Erik with the detektor award prices
Photo: Henrik Paulsson / AR Media


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