Accident prevention at train stations and rail crossings is a constantly ongoing work, in Sweden and internationally. Too often the news reports about tragic incidents where people have been killed by accident after being on the tracks at stations and crossings. Common arrangements is based on more or less advanced physical barriers and warnings, such as fences, bars and lights. This is costly and don't always reach desired result. With the laser based system vFence you get a robust sensor for detection of people and objects on the track. It analyzes measurement data with higher accuracy compared to camera systems to avoid false alarms and it also works in all lighting conditions.

Instead of passive protection, such as a fences which are made to physically prevent trespassing, Embsec vFence products are used to detect people and objects in an area. If an intrusion occurs the unit immediately sends a network alarm to a server or alarm center. Network based alarm systems provides almost unlimited possibilities where alarm actions often include image capture, starting a siren or send silent alarms/notifications to guards.

Most perimeter system is based on standard photocell technology with one emitter unit and one receiver unit. Embsec's perimeter control is based on laser technology that doesn't need any reflector, making it possible to freely create alarm zones where needed. This makes it easier to set up the system and even makes it possible to set up virtual fences over water.

Application examples

Accident prevention

Reduce the risk of accidents at train stations and railroad crossings with Embsec vFence. The vFence S-500 laser scanner searches the area for early warnings to train operators if unauthorized people, vehicles or other objects appears on the rail.



vFence F-501 can be mounted on a tripod and moved as needed, to ensure fast and accurate operation in exposed locations. Surveillance can be done remotely and no camera permissions are required.



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