Law enforcement


Police and military often face situations where personnel need to be assigned to surveillance of relatively simple nature, such as note all visitors to a property, alarm if a suspect leaves in a car or if a suspect appears in an area. With Embsec vFence, the surveillance tasks are automated which releases personnel to more important duties. The laser sensor has long range and can be placed hidden and out of sight. In case of an event alarms can be sent with SMS to nearest officer.

Instead of passive protection, such as a fences which are made to physically prevent trespassing, Embsec vFence products are used to detect people and objects in an area. If an intrusion occurs the unit immediately sends a network alarm to a server or alarm center. Network based alarm systems provides almost unlimited possibilities where alarm actions often include image capture, starting a siren or send silent alarms/notifications to guards.

Most perimeter system is based on standard photocell technology with one emitter unit and one receiver unit. Embsec's perimeter control is based on laser technology that doesn't need any reflector, making it possible to freely create alarm zones where needed. This makes it easier to set up the system and even makes it possible to set up virtual fences over water.


Application examples

Stake-out operations

vFence F-501 makes it possible to create a detailed log of visitors entering or leaving a building or to send alarms at any activity, fully automatic and at a distance up to 500 meters. No camera permission is needed since the sensor utilize eye-safe laser technology.


Perimeter control

Embsec vFence technology makes it possible to monitor and locate intrusions for applications where physical fences not are desirable, possible or where enhanced security is required. The laser sensors works without reflectors and reacts in fractions of a second.


Veichle monitoring

vFence F-501 is easily set up to detect if a vehicle is moved. Even if the system is placed several hundred meters away from the vehicle, the sensor instantly alarms when a movement of the current vehicle occurs while all other objects in the area are ignored.



vFence F-501 can be mounted on a tripod and moved as needed, to ensure fast and accurate operation in exposed locations. Surveillance can be done remotely and no camera permissions are required.



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