A collision between a large boat and a bridge can lead to devastating consequences if the bridge collapse. Even smaller collisions can cause damages on the bridge that leads to costly reparations and indirectly costs to the society due to longer routes during reparation. Conventional radar system can be used to detect arriving boats, but can't distinguish a tall boat from a low. Moving bridges tends to become increasingly automated, with remote control and monitoring by camera surveillance. Using only camera surveillance to determine if a boat can pass under the bridge or not can be difficult and sometimes impossible, especially in bad weather.

Instead of passive protection, such as a fences which are made to physically prevent trespassing, Embsec vFence products are used to detect people and objects in an area. If an intrusion occurs the unit immediately sends a network alarm to a server or alarm center. Network based alarm systems provides almost unlimited possibilities where alarm actions often include image capture, starting a siren or send silent alarms/notifications to guards.

Most perimeter system is based on standard photocell technology with one emitter unit and one receiver unit. Embsec's perimeter control is based on laser technology that doesn't need any reflector, making it possible to freely create alarm zones where needed. This makes it easier to set up the system and even makes it possible to set up virtual fences over water.


Application examples

Height alert

The laser scanner vFence S-500 makes it possible to detect and track tall boats automatically to facilitate operation of moving bridges or to avoid collisions. The scanner is placed at maximum free height of the bridge where it detects all boats reaching above the hight of the scanner. The system can be set to alarm based on area, object size, direction and speed.



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