The company

Embsec have years of experience in customised industry laser measurement systems. It was therefore natural to use our laser technology when Embsec in 2009 received an inquiry from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop a tailored surveillance system. The assignment put Embsec on the map and our product development took a big step forward.

Homeland Security had a very specific use for which they wanted a tailored surveillance system with high performance sensors and cameras. Embsec realized the potential of the system and set the bar high, with the aim of developing a unique perimeter control system of the highest class.

The engineers at Embsec worked near two years with the development of reliable laser sensors, alarm algorithms and an embedded linux platform. The work resulted in a fully automated system with up to 500 meters range which at alarm takes pictures with multiple cameras through wired or wireless activation. For configuration of the system a powerful web based user interface was developed.

The system to Homeland Security was too complex and customer adjusted to match a large market, but the laser sensor, the alarm algorithms and the user interface formed the basis for the vFence systems that Embsec started developing at that time.

Today Embsec provides unique laser based sensors specially designed for integration in modern IP network based surveillance systems. With our experience in customised systems, we also have every opportunity to develop both measurement systems and tailored surveillance solutions.


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